Guitar learning device

privately Rhythm and chords two module breakdown is the core aspect of the concept with incredible response from the beginners. A simple, comprehensive and efficient attachment that fits to a standard acoustic guitar and helps a beginner learn to play guitar through a unique way.  Designed, keeping in mind the struggles and grasping capacity of beginners, Rhythm and Chords teaches guitar from ground zero to playing the basic chords without any assistance.

Module 1

presentably First timer’s angel, it helps with building up the base at a deeper level. It provides the assistance and ease of learning guitar chords and steadily apply discipline required for any guitar beginner. It helps in various aspects like Strengthening fingers, palms and wrist; understanding a particular chord’s placement on the fretboard; Focus on strumming rather than multi-tasking; Understanding the tonality of the chords; Perfect chords switch timing. All in all a perfect answer to your question, WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO LEARN GUITAR?

Module 2

A perfect example of tough love, Module 2 will make sure the basics learnt from Module 1 is backed by disciplined and firm technique. Meticulous designed keeping the hindrances and the psychology of a beginner, it will the best guitar teacher at every step of the way. A unique way of learning chord shape which is a very important aspect in playing guitar. Module 2 plays a vital role in strengthening individual finger placement; Developing muscle memory to hold a chord shape; Enhance co-ordination between strumming and chord shape and other aspects imperative for playing guitar.

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